Fresno Grapevine Vol. II No. 7 (August 22, 1942)

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Fresno Grapevine Collection

Selected article titles: "Dimout Order Affects Center. New DeWitt Ruling Bans Bright Light. Move is Coast Wide" (p. 1), "Center Voters Show Interest in Election. Ballots Number 1,547" (p. 1), "Editorial: Attend Issei 'Hobby Day' and Note Achievement" (p. 2), "Education Department Plans Hobby Display" (p. 3), "New Toys, Books, to be Purchased" (p. 3), "Farm Project Group Makes Relocation Center Plans" (p. 3), "Chicken Dinner Slated Tonight for Office Help" (p. 4), "Adults Asked to Observe 'Milk' Rules" (p. 6).

August 22, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted