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JACL Convention (ddr-densho-18-44)
img JACL Convention (ddr-densho-18-44)
The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Convention outside the Jackson Building in Seattle's Nihonmachi.
National JACL Conference (ddr-densho-18-47)
img National JACL Conference (ddr-densho-18-47)
Attendees of the National Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Conference stand in front of the King County Courthouse at 3rd Avenue and James Street.
Auburn baseball team dugout (ddr-densho-18-50)
img Auburn baseball team dugout (ddr-densho-18-50)
Left to right: George Hori, George Terada, and George Hirai.
Auburn baseball team (ddr-densho-18-55)
img Auburn baseball team (ddr-densho-18-55)
Front (left to right): Susie Uyeda, Yoshi Natsuhara, George Terada, Ray Kiyohara, Morrie Yamaguchi, and Mike Tokumatsu. Back: Jack Hori, Nobu Nakatani, George Hirai, Mr. Tsurui, Matsu Sakagami, Toshi Yamanaka, Hiato Kojo, Mr. Arai, and Mr. Hori.
Transplanting produce in hotbeds (ddr-densho-18-57)
img Transplanting produce in hotbeds (ddr-densho-18-57)
When farm areas were flooded, it was sometimes necessary to transfer produce, as shown here.

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