Second grade class

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Horiuchi Collection

Bellevue School. Teacher Mrs. Carlson. Top row (L to R): Harold Bennett, William Hardman, Vivian Drummond, Dorothy Collins, Sophia L. Huquel, Phyllis Hill, Priscilla Martin, Gertrude Hentchel, Muriel Sandfords, Ralph (last name unknown), Keith Manfull, Stuart Gravis. Middle row: Joe Matsuzawa, Charles Emerson, Winnifred Evans, Haruko Aramaki, Mineko Yamaguchi, unknown, Wesley Bovee, David Thompson, Marguerite Schafer, Kathleen McCreary, Clarence Johnson, Helen Senior, Aiko Suguro, Billy Woods. Bottom row: Akira Aramaki, Tamako Inatsu, Ona Grosvenor, Kenneth Johnson, Mary Suda, Philip Adle, Perry Helgeson, Ruth Blye, Neva Penar, Raymond Maynard, Mark Keltner, Thelma Grosvenor.

March 1922


Still Image

  • Bennett, Harold
  • Hardman, William
  • Drummond, Vivian
  • Collins, Dorothy
  • Huquel, Sophia L.
  • Hill, Phyllis
  • Martin, Priscilla
  • Hentchel, Gertrude
  • Sandfords, Muriel
  • Manfull, Keith
  • Gravis, Stuart
  • Matsuzawa, Joe
  • Emerson, Charles
  • Evans, Winnifred
  • Aramaki, Haruko
  • Yamaguchi, Mineko
  • Bovee, Wesley
  • Thompson, David
  • Schafer, Marguerite
  • McCreary, Kathleen
  • Johnson, Clarence
  • Senior, Helen
  • Suguro, Aiko
  • Woods, Billy
  • Aramaki, Akira
  • Inatsu, Tamako
  • Grosvenor, Ona
  • Johnson, Kenneth
  • Suda, Mary
  • Adle, Philip
  • Helgeson, Perry
  • Blye, Ruth
  • Penar, Neva
  • Maynard, Raymond
  • Keltner, Mark
  • Grosvenor, Thelma


Courtesy of the Horiuchi Family Collection

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted