Daily Press Review, Vol. VI, No. 4

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Bigelow Collection

Article titles: "Women on New Army Ouster List"; "DeWitt Will Clarify New Alien Rules"; "Arizona Refuses to Teach Japs"; "Evacuated Japs Harvesting Crops"; "Japanese-American Do Bit in Scrap Drive"; "Nazi Leader's 'Fortune' Lost"; "Jap-Grown Food Due in Portland"; "Goering Wealth Hidden"; "Italians"; "Newsnotes from Manzanar"; "Curfew Lifted for 600,000 U.S. Italians"; "Jap Ex-Consul at N.Y. Gets Portugal Berth"; "Japanese Students Denied Entrance to Oregon State School for Deaf"; "Tule Japs Said to be Violating Game Laws"; "Delta Camp Has Jap War Vets"; "Bail of $10,000 Set for 3 Alleged Japan Agents"; "Jap Festival: Week-Long Celebration Honors Dead"; "10 More Must Leave Coast: Total Now 46"; "Jap Taken in Aleutians..."

October 15, 1942

Miscellaneous Documents



Courtesy of the Bigelow Family Collection