Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 20

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Bigelow Collection

Article titles: "Japanese Unfamiliar with Cotton Picking"; "Limitations of Jap Labor in Cotton Picking Are Told"; "Santa Anita Internees Sent On Way to Arkansas"; "Call for 160 Japanese Beet Workers"; "Work Going Ahead on Camp at Hunt"; "Indian Service Men at Manzanar"; "Japs Afraid to Go Into Beet Fields"; "Japanese Lads Help Get in Big Montana Beet Crop"; "Twenty-two Japanese Placed at Housework"; "More Propaganda Material"; "Japs From Granada Center Leave for Work in Beet Fields"; "Jap Test Case Opens in Los Angeles"; "FBI Alien Roundup in Bay Region"; "1,304 Aliens Arrested and Interned Since December 7"; "Hongkong: Six Months in a Jap Hell"; "32 Alien Lawbreakers are Seized in Northern California"; "New Bund Roundup: U.S. Opens Drive to Intern Naturalized Citizens Active in 'Dissolved' Nazi Unit"; "Ruling on Jap Exile Up to U.S. Court"; "Seven Japs Run for Office in Hawaii Elections -- 1 Wins"; "Jap Internees Aid in Beet Harvest."

October 5, 1942

Miscellaneous Documents



Courtesy of the Bigelow Family Collection