Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 6

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ddr-densho-156-246 (Legacy UID: denshopd-p156-00246)

Bigelow Collection

Article titles: "Jap Wife Killer Ordered to Gas Cell This Winter"; "Cleric Favors Jap Centers"; "Aliens are Warned on Curfew Law Violations"; "Fair Buildings to House Japs"; "Jap Woman Charged with Bribe Attempt"; "Items from Tule Lake"; "State Needs 3,429 More Beet Workers"; "Letters to Editors"; "'Loyal Alien' Status Likely for Many Italians in California"; "Mexico Camps for Axis Aliens Urged"; "Mexican Workers to be Admitted"; "California Japs Move this Week"; "Army Approves Use of Japs to Harvest Arizona Cotton."

September 15, 1942

Miscellaneous Documents



Courtesy of the Bigelow Family Collection