Colorado Times Vol. 31, No. 4376 (October 18, 1945)

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Colorado Times Collection

Selected article titles: "Berkeley, Calif. Proves 'Test Tube' for Postwar Racial Problems"; "To Investigate Attack on Evacuee in Wyo."; "Nisei Find Selves Stuck in Japan"; "'Guaranteed Housing' Asked for Relocatees"; "YBA Goblin's Frolic"; "Cal. Equalization Board Finally Yields to Issei Demands"; "Nisei Wins Scholarship at College in Boston"; "Local Nisei Bowling League"; "Bears Meet Zebras in DNBL Tourney Tomorrow Nite"; "Tokyo Rose Locked in Yokohama Jail"; "Sake Will be Brewed Here in Denver"; "Sgt. Chuman May Have Been First Nisei in Tokyo"; "Loyal U.S. Japanese Believed Murdered"; "Cotton Harvest Aided by 1000 Japanese PWs."

October 18, 1945




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