Rocky Shimpo Vol. 11, No. 67 (June 5, 1944)

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Rocky Shimpo Collection

Selected article titles: "Students' Relocation Program's Cost Told"; "On the Other Hand"; "Land Case in Court"; "Two Ignoring Call by Army"; "Archbishop Hits Discrimination"; "Fought and Shot"; "Percentage of Unfit Revealed"; "Violator of Regulations"; "Mayor, Admiral"; "Girls Save Him"; "Superior Feeling Hit by Official"; "Acquit Soldiers"; "Race Prejudice Hit by Soldier"; "Drop Yamada Case"; "Four Awarded Scholarships Many Receive Diplomas"; "Foe Reluctant to Receive Them Indiscriminately"; "Discovers Anti-Body"; "Fighters Safe Destination"; "Wanted."

June 5, 1944




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