Santa Anita Pacemaker Vol. I No. 26 (July 15, 1942)

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ddr-densho-146-26 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i146-00026)

Santa Anita Pacemaker Collection

Selected article titles: "Paychecks Distributed Today. Payments Go to 3964 Workers" (p. 1), "Shortages Cause Soft Drink Sales Cut" (p. 1), "New Transfer Plan Told. Procedure to Join Families" (p. 1), "Nisei Citizens Vote by Absentee Ballots" (p. 1), "Out-of-Bounds Areas Specified Within Center in Notice 16" (p. 1), "Documentary History Begun" (p. 2), "Ingenuity Produces Unique Center Rock Garden" (p. 4), "Editorial: These Words Shall Not Die" (p. 6), "Masaoka's Unit Has Running Water" (p. 6).

July 15, 1942




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