Denson Communique No. 29 (January 19, 1943)

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ddr-densho-144-29 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i144-00029)

Denson Tribune Collection

Selected article titles: "Adult Education Gets Under Way" (p. 1), "Share Cropping Looms as Possibility for Evacuees" (p. 1), "Editoriette: This Merits Your Help" (p. 2), "Hang Fire Phone Properly after Using" (p. 3), "Center's Largest Family Has 15 Members" (p. 3), "WRA Field Officer James Urges Residents to File Leave Clearance" (p. 3), "Instructions: How to Visit Camp Livingston, La." (p. 3), "Meat Rationing is Nothing New Here" (p. 3), "Sanitation Engineer Inspects Center" (p. 4).

January 19, 1943




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