Rohwer Outpost Vol. II No. 45 (June 5, 1943)

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ddr-densho-143-67 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i143-00067)

Rohwer Outpost Collection

Selected article titles: "Results of Council Election. First Meeting of Councilmen to be Tuesday" (p. 1), "Segregation Not Definite" (p. 1), "Relocation: First Meeting in Japanese" (p. 1), "Garage Workers in Accident" (p. 3), "New Shipment. Latest Stock at Dry Goods Dept" (p. 3), "Evacuee Wage Scale Same" (p. 3), "Living Costs of Evacuees Compared" (p. 3), "Legionnaires Extend Thanks" (p. 5).

June 5, 1943




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