Rohwer Outpost Vol. II No. 3 (January 9, 1943)

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Rohwer Outpost Collection

Selected article titles: "Mail: Correct Address Given" (p. 1), "Plans to Join Internees with Families Near Completion" (p. 1), "Alien Property Custodian Issues New Regulations" (p. 1), "WRA to Form Job Agencies" (p. 1), "All Employees Eligible for Workmen's Compensation" (p. 2), "Hospital Conducts Health Inspection Tour of Center" (p. 2), "WRA Advises Professional Evacuees to Maintain Status" (p. 2), "FBIs Representative to Interview Translators" (p. 3), "Editorial: Morale vs. Morals" (p. 6).

January 9, 1943




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