Rohwer Outpost Vol. I No. 2 (October 28, 1942)

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Rohwer Outpost Collection

Selected article titles: "Residents Vote for Managers Tomorrow" (p. 1), "Broke? Cheer Up! Payday is Near" (p. 1), "Education: Plan Pre-School Confab for Center Teachers" (p. 1), "Store: Pies, Pop Will Be on Sale Soon" (p. 1), "Some Nerve! Intruder Forces Self On Staff" (p. 1), "C.A. Heads Selected. Fill Eight Posts; More Still Open" (p. 2), "Food: W.R.A. Buys Supplies in Open Mart" (p. 3), "Necessary Wood May be Furnished" (p. 3), "Hospital: One Wing Will Open Soon to Received Patients" (p. 3), "Police Examinations. No Need to Worry Over Tests, Hatchett Assures Candidates" (p. 3), "Teaching Staff is Well Qualified" (p. 3), "Fire Fighters Drill Daily" (p. 4), "Khaki Familiar Sight in Center as Soldiers in Regular Visits" (p. 4), "Editorial: Salute to the Navy" (p. 6).

October 28, 1942




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