Rohwer Outpost Vol. I No. 11 (December 2, 1942)

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Rohwer Outpost Collection

Selected article titles: "Emergency G.I. Grants Begin" (p. 1), "Plan to Haul Logs. New System of Firewood Distribution Released" (p. 1), "C.A. Head Asks Patience on News Translation" (p. 1), "Drivers Have License Now" (p. 2), "Repatriation: Portugal Go-Between, States WRA" (p. 2), "Council to Issue Charter Translations" (p. 3), "Lots to be Made Into Farm Land" (p. 4), "Can Your Babies Prove They Were Born?" (p. 4), "Editorial: Wood Distribution" (p. 6).

December 2, 1942




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