Topaz Times Vol. VI No. 19 (February 17, 1944)

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ddr-densho-142-276 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i142-00276)

Topaz Times Collection

Selected article titles: "WRA Under Ickes" (p. 1), "President Signs Transfer. Director Myer Sends Message to Topaz WRA" (p. 1), "Draft Quotas, Penalties Given" (p. 2), "Conscientious Objectors" (p. 2), "What is '4C'" (p. 2), "1761 Persons Depart on Indefinites -- 19 Per Cent" (p. 3), "No Business: Licenses Denied Nisei in S.L.C." (p. 3).

February 17, 1944




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