Gila News-Courier Vol. IV No. 39 (May 16, 1945)

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ddr-densho-141-398 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i141-00398)

Gila News-Courier Collection

Selected article titles: "Excludees Urged to Appeal if Case Justifies" (p. 1), "Killing Rumors Proved False" (p. 1), "Army Invokes Stricter Control on Departures" (p. 1), "Gila Land Lease Expires Oct. 7 " (p. 1), "Philadelphia: Sinatra Urges Race Tolerance" (p. 2), "Less Meat for Gila Residents" (p. 2), "Oregon's Land Law" (p. 2), "Philadelphia: Union Accepts Nisei Americans" (p. 2).

May 16, 1945




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