Gila News-Courier Vol. I No. 13 (October 24, 1942)

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ddr-densho-141-13 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i141-00013)

Gila News-Courier Collection

Selected article titles: "JACL Organizer Pledge Support to WRA Policies" (p. 1), "Camouflage Crew Foreman Prepare" (p. 1), "Yellow Americans" (p. 2), "Drivers Warned on Speed Hazard" (p. 3), "Beautification Beginnings Set" (p. 3), "Postoffice Reissues Regulations for Benefit of Newcomers" (p. 4), "Japanese Visit Status Revealed" (p. 4), "Power Assured Lightless Blocks" (p. 5), "Linoleum Floors for Canal Camp" (p. 5).

October 24, 1942




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