Manzanar Free Press Vol. 7 No. 13 (August 18, 1945)

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Manzanar Free Press Collection

Selected article titles: "Children's Village Slated to Close End of August" (p. 1), "Attempt to Lift Navy Ban Fails" (p. 1), "General MacArthur Grants Delay in Surrender Meet" (p. 1), "Complete Evacuation of Blocks 35 and 36 Tonight" (p. 1), "Services Available at Spokane Hostel" (p. 2), "Madison Welcomes Evacuee Resettlers" (p. 2), "Myer Determined to Close Centers" (p. 3), "Project Directors Given Power to Curtail Designated Services" (p. 3), "Institution Buys Meteorite from Two Topaz Nisei" (p. 3), "Evacuees May File Application for Controlled Building Material" (p. 3), "West Coast Eases on Discrimination Against Japanese" (p. 3), "Army Responsible for Safety of All Returning Evacuees" (p. 4), "Lerman Fights With Japanese Americans" (p. 4), "Winston Dictionaries Dispose of 'Nigger'" (p. 4).

August 18, 1945




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