Manzanar Free Press Vol. II No. 41 (October 24, 1942)

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Manzanar Free Press Collection

Selected article titles: "Issei and Kibei Now Eligible for Permanent Relocation. New Procedure Also Calls for Local Investigation; Applications Taken" (p. 1), "Minors Need Work Permits" (p. 1), "Soap Issuance to Discontinue" (p. 1), "New Christian Group Launched" (p. 1), "Poison Mystery" (p. 1), "Dispute Between Beet Workers and Montana Employers Settled. Good Treatment Accorded to Workers Transferred to Blaine, Phillips Counties" (p. 1), "Self Government" (p. 1), "Do We Want Motion Pictures?" (p. 2), "Curfew Regulations Lifted on Italians" (p. 3).

October 24, 1942




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