Inui Collection


The Inui Collection features five photographs of Seattle's Japanese American community from 1920-1943. Included are photographs of two Japanese American schools, a New Years Day celebration, and a group of internees at Santa Fe internment camp, New Mexico.



5 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Inui Family Collection

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Copyright restricted

5 Objects

Santa Fe internees (ddr-densho-123-2)
img Santa Fe internees (ddr-densho-123-2)
First row, fourth from left is Mr. Mamizuka of Seattle, Washington.
New Years celebration (ddr-densho-123-3)
img New Years celebration (ddr-densho-123-3)
New Years celebration hosted by Mr. Mamizuka, a labor contractor at the Alaska fishing and cannery company. His friends/co-workers are seated around the table. (L to R): unknown, Mr. Saburo, Mr. Masaki, Matsujiro Mamizuka, Mrs. Mamizuka, Bette Inui (who lived upstairs), Mr. Taoka, unknown, Mr. Ueno (?).
Miya Nursery School class (ddr-densho-123-4)
img Miya Nursery School class (ddr-densho-123-4)
This photo was taken outside the King County Courthouse building in Seattle, Washington.