Pacific Citizen Vol. 21 No. 20

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Pacific Citizen Collection

Selected article titles: "Navy Opens Ranks to Japanese Americans" (p. 1), "Sgt. Ben Kuroki to Speak on "Town Meeting of the Air"" (p. 1), "1000 Tule Lake Renunciants Enter Suit to Regain Rights" (p. 1), "Evacuee Group Leaves Seattle for Hawaii" (p. 1), "Native Sons Want Relocation Camps to be Kept Open" (p. 1), "Southern Pacific Railroad Takes Stand Against Racial Intolerance in Placer County" (p. 2), "Tule Lake Ex-Citizens File Suits to Regain U.S. Rights" (p. 2), "California Files Escheat Suit In Fresno Area" (p. 2), "WRA Closes Heart Mountain, Gila Centers" (p. 3), "Arizona Camp Emptied Before Deadline Date" (p. 3), "Order Closing of Cooperative at Tule Lake Center" (p. 3), "Wyoming Relocation Camp Now Empty, Deserted as Last Train Leaves With 205 for California" (p. 3), "Police Guard Evacuee Train At San Jose" (p. 3), "California Ready to Pay Claims to Evacuee Farmers" (p. 3), "Washington News-Letter: Nisei Reveals Experiences of Job-Hunting in Washington" (p. 5), "From the Des Moines Register: Iowa Has Accorded Welcome To Displaced Coast Nisei" (p. 5), "New York Committee Will Back Japan People's Government" (p. 6), "2000 Evacuees Leave Colorado For West Coast" (p. 8).





Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita