Pacific Citizen Vol. 22 No. 12

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Pacific Citizen Collection

Selected article titles: "Charge Wounded Nisei Treated Like POWs" (p. 1), "JACL Protests Treatment of Nisei Wounded on Ship" (p. 1), "Tule Lake, Last of Centers, Closed by Relocation Agency" (p. 1), "Clark Reveals Santa Fe Camp Will Be Closed" (p. 1), "California Personnel Board Expected to Drop Charges Against Japanese Americans" (p. 2), "Report 7100 Persons Repatriated to Japan" (p. 2), "Evanston Group Asks Extension of Naturalization to Issei" (p. 2), "Koyama Warns Nisei Veterans of VFW's Attempt to Organize Segregated Post in Spokane" (p. 3), "Final Segregee Group Moved From Newell" (p. 3), "Washington News-Letter: Hank Gosho Fought With Famous Merrill's Mauauders" (p. 5), "New York Conference Will Be Held on Immigration Laws" (p. 5).





Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita