North Portland Evacuazette Vol. II No. 3 (August 20, 1942)

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ddr-densho-120-21 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i120-00021)

North Portland Evacuazette Collection

Selected article titles: "Evacuation Instructions. Regarding Train Discipline" (p. 1), "Concerning Gov. Supplies" (p. 1), "Departure Regulations" (p. 1), "Info. on New Homes. Wyoming" (p. 1), "Idaho" (p. 1), "Appeal to Workers" (p. 3), "Departure Forms" (p. 3), "An Editorial -- Task Ahead" (p. 4), "Articles May Be Sent Later" (p. 4), "Change of Address" (p. 4), "3rd Pay Checks Due Soon" (p. 4), "Sugar Ration Books Must be Turned In" (p. 4), "Where We're Going" (p. 5).

August 20, 1942




Courtesy of Tsuguo "Ike" Ikeda

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