Minidoka Irrigator Vol. III No. 17 (June 19, 1943)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Residents Reject Charter, 2375 to 1568. 73.9% of Eligible Voters Cast Ballots in Election" (p. 1), "Union Protests Employment of Nisei; Plan No Action" (p. 1), "Dies Charges Fail in Aim. Demand for Workers Mounts in Chicago Area, Says Shirrell" (p. 1), "Welcome Extended to Men in Army Who Visit Seattle" (p. 1), "Judge Denies Yasui Appeal. Nisei's Effort for Release to Camp on Bond Hits Snag" (p. 1), "Director Stafford Relates Ultimate Objectives of the Minidoka Center" (p. 1), "Tolerance Begins at Home" (p. 2), "Davidson Re-emphasizes Importance of Center's Farm Food Production" (p. 3), "Minidoka Center Scheduled to Produce 2,420,000 Pounds of Vegetables, WRA's 1943 Production Program Shows" (p. 3), "Plants in Hotbed are Transplanted. Davidson Voices Hope for Four Hundred Acres of Vegetables Planted by End of June" (p. 3), "Maintenance of Diet Standards Up to Evacuees" (p. 3), "Skills, Hobbies of Hunt Residents to be Shown In Twin Falls Exhibit" (p. 5), "The Student Relocation Council. Its Purposes and Functions" (p. 6), "New Rules on Visits Apply" (p. 8).

June 19, 1943




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