Minidoka Irrigator Vol. I No. 17 (November 11, 1942)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Two Chosen Delegates to JACL Meet" (p. 1), "Hospital Workers Receive September Pay" (p. 1), "Stafford in S.L. To Seek Reason For Coal Delay" (p. 1), "Nisei, Kibei for Army School Sought by Placement Office" (p. 1), "Buy War Bonds, Residents Advised" (p. 1), "Relocation Faces Lull Till Winter Quarter Begins" (p. 1), "Editorial: A New Armistice" (p. 2), "Clothing Issue Still Undecided" (p. 2), "Japanese Employment Status in Coastal States Revealed" (p. 3), "Co-operative Issues Call For Supplies" (p. 3), "Four Tule Lakers Make Homes Here" (p. 3), "Growing Rye Puts in Final Plea" (p. 5), "1,300 Japanese Book Arrive" (p. 5), "Beauty Shop Opens, Feminine Morals Gets Definite Lift" (p. 6), "Efficiency of Medical Corps Aim of New Hospital Set-Up" (p. 7).

November 11, 1942




Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita

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