Minidoka Irrigator Vol. V No. 4 (March 24, 1945)

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ddr-densho-119-131 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i119-00131)

Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Two Issei Men in Chicago Killed in Fall, Robbery" (p. 1), "Relocatees Cautioned of Baggage Care" (p. 1), "WRA Releases Report On War Casualties" (p. 1), "Project Quarterly Census Will be Taken Thursday" (p. 1), "Judge Refuses to Dismiss Nisei Case" (p. 1), "Expulsion of Japanese Topic of Oregon Paper" (p. 2), "Test Cases Involve Rights of Every American -- Hall" (p. 2), "Justice Dept. Attempts to Stamp Out Pro-Japanese Elements at Tule Lake" (p. 4), "Scientist Receives Threat Notes for Hiring Evacuee" (p. 4).

March 24, 1945




Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita

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