Minidoka Irrigator Vol. I No. 14 (October 31, 1942)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Barbed Wire Seen for Community" (p. 1), "Four Soldiers Visit Hunt" (p. 1), "N.M. Internee Arrives Here" (p. 1), "Army Intelligence Calls Sansei, Kibei" (p. 1), "Hirabayashi, Convicted, Asks for Longer Sentence Term" (p. 1), "Green Stamps Replace Cash Register Receipts" (p. 2), "National YWCA Leader Here for Conference Next Week" (p. 2), "Workers Hurt on Jobs May Get Benefits" (p. 2), "Colony Gets Six Trucks From Mont." (p. 3), "Returnees Must Sign With Placement" (p. 3), "Vegetables Arrive from Tule Lake" (p. 3), "Winterizing in Progress" (p. 3), "Legal Aid Office Will Be Open Sunday to Aid Voters" (p. 4), "WRA Heads Visit Minidoka Project" (p. 4), "Wide Phase of Activities Planned by Drama Group" (p. 4), "Civic Center Readied" (p. 5).

October 31, 1942




Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita

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