Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Collection


The interviews in this collection were conducted by the JC Legacy Project, a project of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Cultural Centre is a community-based, not-for-profit, charitable organization that provides programs, events and facilities to promote an understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and Japanese Canadian heritage for Canadians of all heritages. The interviews in this collection focus on the Japanese Canadian story.

For more information about the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, please visit www.jccc.on.ca.

4 oral history interviews


Courtesy of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

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Mitsu Ito Interview (ddr-densho-1006-1)
vh Mitsu Ito Interview (ddr-densho-1006-1)
Nisei male. Born August 20, 1924, in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. Grew up in Mission, attending school and helping on family farm. Left home to work several jobs, including in a sawmill and on a sugar beet farm. After World War II, moved to Japan, worked as an interpreter for the British Army, and got married. …
Shizuko Kadoguchi Interview (ddr-densho-1006-2)
vh Shizuko Kadoguchi Interview (ddr-densho-1006-2)
Nisei female. Born September 29, 1920, in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. Went with parents to Japan in 1930, and attended school there. Returned to Canada in 1940 and married before being removed to Hastings Park and then Tashme, in Canada's interior. After leaving Tashme, moved to Toronto, where husband worked for the consul-general's office. Adopted …
Kimi Wakabayashi Interview (ddr-densho-1006-3)
vh Kimi Wakabayashi Interview (ddr-densho-1006-3)
Issei female. Born March 27, 1912, in Binmanji, Japan. Grew up and married in Japan, before immigrating with husband to Canada in 1931, eventually settling in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Raised family in Saskatoon, working in fabric store established by husband. City street named in honor of the Wakabayashi family's contributions to the city over the years.

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Bill Hashizume Interview (ddr-densho-1006-4)
vh Bill Hashizume Interview (ddr-densho-1006-4)
Nisei male. Born June 22, 1922, in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. Grew up in Mission before moving to Japan with mother and sisters at age sixteen. Attended high school and college in Japan and enlisted in the Japanese navy in 1944. Worked in Japan for several years following World War II, then returned to Canada, choosing …