Teacher and the war relocation project

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ddr-csujad-48-125 (CSUJAD Local ID: ecm_wells_0934, CSUJAD Project ID: ecm_wells_0934)

Eastern California Museum Harry Bentley Wells and Shirley Elizabeth Wells Collection

Title as: The Teacher and the War Relocation Project. This memorandum includes a broad overview of the reasoning behind the creation of the combat zone, Executive Order 9066, and Executive Order 9102 as well as the selection of "relocation areas," the kinds of jobs held by Japanese-Americans and the administration of the "relocation areas." It outlines the purpose, organization, staffing and kinds of programs to be created at "relocation centers." The document states that "The primary task of the schools in relocation centers is to develop an education program which will promote understanding of American ideals and loyalty to American institutions and training for the responsibilities of citizenship, of family and for economic independence..." Transcription is found in item: ecm_wells_9934. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ecm_wells_0934


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