Photograph of Manzanar farm produce on display in Lone Pine

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ddr-csujad-47-63 (CSUJAD Local ID: ecm_merritt_0098, CSUJAD Project ID: ecm_merritt_0098)

Eastern California Museum Merritt Photo Collection

Photograph of Manzanar farm produce on display in Lone Pine. Local residents took notice of Manzanar's large farm fields and gardens. Displays of farm produce, such as this one at Chalfant Press in Lone Pine, helped dispel local hostility toward the camp. Farm output for 1943 was 1,666 tons of vegetables, fruit and grain, with nearly all of it used in the mess halls. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ecm_merritt_0098



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Eastern California Museum

Courtesy of California State University Japanese American Digitization Project

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