CSU Dominguez Hills Natsumeda Family Granada Camp Collection ddr-csujad-39

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Buddhist gathas and services (ddr-csujad-39-1)
doc Buddhist gathas and services (ddr-csujad-39-1)
YBA Sunday Service Program created by the Amache Young Buddhist Association at the Granada (Amache) incarceration camp. Table of contents: Aspiration, Three Treasures, Golden Chain, Ti-Sarana, English Gathas, Japanese Gathas, and Junirai. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: nat_01
Granada, Colo (ddr-csujad-39-2)
doc Granada, Colo (ddr-csujad-39-2)
Directory of the Granada (Amache) incarceration camp created at or near the end of World War II. The table of contents in the book include: Forward by Proj. [Project] Dir. [Director] And Sec. [Secretary] Heads, Introduction, Community Council, Block Managers, Amache Co-Cop Pioneer Staff, Drs. Koen Kwai Red Cross Rec. Hosp. History of the Granada Relocation …

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