George Naohara's handwritten annotations

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CSU Dominguez Hills George and Mitzi Naohara Papers

English translations of handwritten annotations from "George Naohara photo album" (csudh_nao_0001), page 6: [Right top] I (George Naohara) and Keny Kuwahara [Kenneth Kenji Kuwahara], who had been drafted but was discharged. He was fluent in Japanese and English. Immediately after arriving at the C.C.C. Camp, an announcement of the U.S. government order was made in English. Keny kindly explained to everyone at the Camp what the announcement was in Japanese. He spoke both languages very well. Our group members included: Mr. Hashimoto [Testuo L. Hashimoto], Keny Kuwahara, Mr. Seki, Tadashi Sakaida, and Jimmy Oda. The sugar beets farm was stretching far as if it went beyond the horizon. A long ridge laid and it took us a whole day to take ___. Finally, I had to buy a pair of farm boots. [Right bottom] In Utah, Mr. Mimura ___. When I was working in Utah, Mr. Mimura passed away. At the Utah Bukkyokai, I made a memorial address, representing friends who respected Mr. Mimura. Mr. Mimura contributed to the Japanese American community. Become a good citizen” was his advice to me. When making a memorial address at the Buddhist temple, I stated that I would express my prayer loudly, and I continued: Your whole sprit and soul will rerun to your home country. The Buddhist minister listened to it at the temple and praised me about it. [Left] My magnificent memory ____ When I was working in a hotel in Utah, I made a memorial address at a Buddhist temple. I received a praise from Hoko Terakawa, a minister of the Buddhist Church of America. It has passed decades since then. I was a barber in Los Angeles and Gardena, and am now 91 years old. But I still now remember it and won't forget it. That was when I was only about age 20. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: nao_01_006

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