442nd Regimental Combat Team

The 100th Infantry Battalion began as part of the Hawaii National Guard. On June 5, 1942, 1,432 men left Hawaii for training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, and later at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The 100th shipped out to North Africa on August 23, 1943, and saw heavy action in Italy. Because of its heavy casualties and many honors, the 100th became known as the "Purple Heart Battalion." The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was initially formed in 1943 from Japanese American volunteers from Hawaii and the mainland. Perhaps not surprisingly, only about 1,250 Japanese Americans volunteered from the concentration camps. In Hawaii, where there was no mass removal, almost 10,000 volunteered. The 442nd arrived in Italy in June 1944 where the battle-tested 100th Infantry Battalion became its 1st Battalion. In seven major campaigns, the 442nd became the most decorated unit for its size and length of service; the unit suffered 9,476 casualties, more than 300 percent of its original strength.

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Instructions for reporting (ddr-densho-22-91)
doc Instructions for reporting (ddr-densho-22-91)
"Instructions for enlisted men granted delay enroute prior to reporting to AGF Replacement Depot No. 1, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland."
Volunteers for the Military Intelligence Service (ddr-densho-22-79)
img Volunteers for the Military Intelligence Service (ddr-densho-22-79)
Caption in album: "Volunteers please / Just prior to V-J day came a survey of Volunteers was made for the Camp Savage (later Fort Snelling) language school for men to ship to go to school and on to Japan to fight. Here the two above photos show as the volunteers were made ready to leave for …
442nd snowed in (ddr-densho-22-44)
img 442nd snowed in (ddr-densho-22-44)
Caption in album: "Snow is inocent [sic] and has beauty but it acts also as a blanket or carpet. A carpet covers many things. Such as mines and obstacles. It also made roads impossible as roads on mountain sides have snow drifts, slides and snow blockades. We had to make detours. As snow melts there is …
Soldiers (ddr-densho-22-62)
img Soldiers (ddr-densho-22-62)
Caption in album: "T/5 Kiyoshi Ono / T/5 Tosh Nakamura."
Yanamura Family (ddr-densho-22-156)
img Yanamura Family (ddr-densho-22-156)
Caption on reverse: "Father 66 / Herbert 20 / Kenneth 15 / Franklin 11 / Aug. '44."
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 83, No. 20 (November 12, 1976) (ddr-pc-48-45)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 83, No. 20 (November 12, 1976) (ddr-pc-48-45)
Selected article titles: "Asian-Pacific Americans Help Carter" (p. 1), "Nisei's Lost Generation Speaks Up" (pp. 1-2), "Ye Editor's Desk: Koji Ariyoshi--1914-1976" (p. 2), and "Rev. Hiro Higuchi: Recalls Sermon as 442nd Chaplain" (p. 3).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 25 (June 25, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-25)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 25 (June 25, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-25)
Selected article titles: "Vietnamese Internment in Sac'to Suggested" (pp. 1, 8), "Rohwer Monument Dedicated in a Memorial Day Service" (pp. 1-2), "Bitter Memories Recalled at Tule Lake Pilgrimage" (p. 2), "Inouye Offers Nuclear Plan to Avoid a Holocaust" (p. 2), and "The Hattiesburg Story: One Vet of Famed 442nd RCT Lives Near Shelby" (p. 9).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 3 (July 16, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-28)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 3 (July 16, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-28)
Selected article titles: "IBM Case Adds Friction to U.S.-Japan Trade" (pp. 1, 5), "Mineta Urges Fifth Preference to Remain in Immigration Law" (pp. 1, 4), "Census: 5,000 in U.S. Turn 65 Years of Age Every Day" (pp. 1, 8), and "Ye Editor's Desk: 100/442nd/MIS Museum Foundation" (p. 4).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 26 (December 24-31, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-51)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 26 (December 24-31, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-51)
Special holiday issue. Selected article titles: "Preserving Our Japanese American History: Visual Communications' Photographic Archives" (pp. 14-15), "'Offensive Stupidity' and the Struggle of Abe Tokunosuke" (pp. 31, 43, 68, 70, 76-77), "1982: The Year in Review" (pp. 52-63, 69, 78-79), and "After the Rescue of the 'Lost Battalion': 'Gothic Line' Breakthrough by 100/442 Spells End to …