Schools were quickly organized in the concentration camps, but they suffered from crude facilities and lack of teaching materials. Instruction was given for nursery through high school, and adult education was offered. Trained teachers were in short supply, however, and uncertified Japanese Americans with college degrees often filled in. The War Relocation Authority (WRA) deliberately emphasized Americanization in the education program. Some found it painfully ironic to watch incarcerated youth recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Onlooker (1943) (ddr-densho-291-6)
img Onlooker (1943) (ddr-densho-291-6)
The 1943 yearbook for Amache Senior High School.
Tempo (1945) (ddr-densho-291-18)
doc Tempo (1945) (ddr-densho-291-18)
The 1945 yearbook for Heart Mountain High School.
Tempo (1944) (ddr-densho-291-9)
doc Tempo (1944) (ddr-densho-291-9)
The 1944 yearbook for the high school in Heart Mountain concentration camp.
Hunt Hi School Commencement Program (ddr-densho-280-14)
doc Hunt Hi School Commencement Program (ddr-densho-280-14)
This commencement program contains the names of all graduates of Hunt Hi's class of 1944, including the honors they received.
El Chaparral (1945) (ddr-densho-291-19)
doc El Chaparral (1945) (ddr-densho-291-19)
The 1945 yearbook for Miles E. Cary High School.
Mojave Memo (1943) (ddr-densho-291-2)
doc Mojave Memo (1943) (ddr-densho-291-2)
The 1943 yearbook for Poston I Senior High School.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 85, No. 23 (December 2, 1977) (ddr-pc-49-47)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 85, No. 23 (December 2, 1977) (ddr-pc-49-47)
Selected article titles: "Supreme Court Refuses Appeal from Young-Chin" (p.1), "Nisei Growers/Pickers in Wage Row" (p.1, 5), "Schools Built by Evacuees at Poston I and II to Be Razed" (p.1), "When Sachio Left Town, Even the Cows Were Blue" (p.3), "Anti-Minority Backlash" (p.4).
Class photo (ddr-fom-1-510)
img Class photo (ddr-fom-1-510)
Photograph used for a school annual.