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Man and boy (ddr-densho-359-1090)
img Man and boy (ddr-densho-359-1090)
A man and boy pose for a photograph next to a sprinkler at Manzanar Concentration Camp in California.
Group photograph (ddr-densho-359-835)
img Group photograph (ddr-densho-359-835)
The caption in the album is written in Japanese.
Portriat of man (ddr-densho-359-1576)
img Portriat of man (ddr-densho-359-1576)
The photograph is in a paper frame stamped with "Fox Studios Formost in the West".
Man on hike (ddr-densho-359-563)
img Man on hike (ddr-densho-359-563)
Caption written beneath photograph in the album states "Mr. Swift at Mt. Rainier".
Two men in suits (ddr-densho-359-1040)
img Two men in suits (ddr-densho-359-1040)
Eddie Otsuka stands outside Benton Hotel in Seattle with another man. Eddie and Jeanette Otsuka operated the Benton Hotel before World War II. The Benton Hotel was located at 1420 6th Ave.