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Two men in garden (ddr-densho-348-38)
img Two men in garden (ddr-densho-348-38)
Two young men in suits stand together in a garden.
Five caskets at funeral (ddr-densho-348-33)
img Five caskets at funeral (ddr-densho-348-33)
Five caskets draped in American flags lay before an audience of funeral attendees. Dated June 19, 1948
Pie Eating Contest (ddr-densho-348-48)
img Pie Eating Contest (ddr-densho-348-48)
Row of 14 young men competing at what appears to be a pie eating contest. All contestants are bent over face-down over tables with their hands behind their backs. Four men non-contestants stand and watch over the contestants.
Young man in suit (ddr-densho-348-36)
img Young man in suit (ddr-densho-348-36)
A profile picture of a young Japanese man wearing a suit.
Four men sitting on building steps (ddr-densho-348-52)
img Four men sitting on building steps (ddr-densho-348-52)
Four men dressed in suits sit on a building steps. Two men are Asian while the other two are Caucasian.
Portrait of man (ddr-densho-359-594)
img Portrait of man (ddr-densho-359-594)
Caption beneath the photograph in the album "Mr. K. Kawamoto 1929"
Men riding horses (ddr-densho-359-883)
img Men riding horses (ddr-densho-359-883)
The caption in the album is written in Japanese.
Japanese Americans (ddr-densho-359-350)
img Japanese Americans (ddr-densho-359-350)
Caption under photograph in the album "Mo, Yonchan"
Two men aboard a ship (ddr-densho-359-1080)
img Two men aboard a ship (ddr-densho-359-1080)
A man in an uniform and a man in a suit pose aboard a ship.
Man and dog house (ddr-densho-359-1652)
img Man and dog house (ddr-densho-359-1652)
The caption written beneath the photograph in the album is "Ray + The Doghouse".