100th Infantry Battalion

World War II (231)
Military service (2824)
100th Infantry Battalion (468)

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468 items
Streets of Carrara (ddr-densho-201-583)
img Streets of Carrara (ddr-densho-201-583)
Caption in album: "In this square one of our medic truck was directly hit by artillery."
Soldier in front of tents (ddr-densho-201-514)
img Soldier in front of tents (ddr-densho-201-514)
Caption in album: "'Long John' Tsukushima / Colorado."
Soldier (ddr-densho-201-502)
img Soldier (ddr-densho-201-502)
Caption in album: "Osamu Fujii / Californai."
B-17 at Pisa Airfield (ddr-densho-201-571)
img B-17 at Pisa Airfield (ddr-densho-201-571)
Caption in album: "B-17 ride and we all got 'air sick' / Pisa Airfield."