100th Infantry Battalion

World War II (231)
Military service (3241)
100th Infantry Battalion (469)

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469 items
Soldier in front of tents (ddr-densho-201-534)
img Soldier in front of tents (ddr-densho-201-534)
Caption in album: "'Chick' Kawata / Idaho Fall [sic], Idaho."
Soldier (ddr-densho-201-533)
img Soldier (ddr-densho-201-533)
Caption in album: "Henry Matsui / Tacoma."
USO show and 442nd Orchestra (ddr-densho-201-544)
img USO show and 442nd Orchestra (ddr-densho-201-544)
Caption in album: "Gedi Italy /1945 June/July / USO Show & 442 Orchestra."
Mt. Carchio and Mt. Belvedere (ddr-densho-201-572)
img Mt. Carchio and Mt. Belvedere (ddr-densho-201-572)
Caption in album: "On April 5 '45 the final spring offensive started on this mountain / Mt. Carchio and Mt. Belvedere was occupied by 442nd Infantry / Gothic Line / The battle ground of 'final push' made by 442nd Infantry Regt. / Last push! Some boys died on this hill. April 5, 1945."
Ted Kawachi (ddr-densho-201-805)
img Ted Kawachi (ddr-densho-201-805)
Caption in album: "Ted Kawachi / Hood River, Oregon."
Streets of Carrara (ddr-densho-201-584)
img Streets of Carrara (ddr-densho-201-584)
Caption in album: "We passed through this street while under shelling."
Soldier (ddr-densho-201-500)
img Soldier (ddr-densho-201-500)
Caption in album: "Carl Fujimoto / Seattle."
Colonel and his family (ddr-densho-201-652)
img Colonel and his family (ddr-densho-201-652)
Caption in album: "442nd going home / June, 1946 / Col. Vergil Miller / Daughter & Mrs."
Soldiers eating (ddr-densho-201-542)
img Soldiers eating (ddr-densho-201-542)
Caption in album: "Cherry - Watch those Worms! / Eating dinner in Lecco." Left to right: Sakamoto, Hasegawa, Miyokin, Kazuto, Shimizu, Fukushima, Kohashi, Okino."
Group of soldiers (ddr-densho-201-525)
img Group of soldiers (ddr-densho-201-525)
Back row, left to right: Joe Sakamoto, Asada [?], Otsaka, Koshiba, Kuwahara, Saiyuki, Sakata, Masao Sakagami, Okamoto, Wataki, Fujihara, Inukai, Yoshimura. Front row, left to right: Fujimori, Arisumi, Watanabe, Ezuka, Saito, Shiroma, Sam Fujii, Thomas Fujimoto.
Street view in Carrara (ddr-densho-201-574)
img Street view in Carrara (ddr-densho-201-574)
Caption in album: "Elements of 442 Inf. entered Carrara with the aid of partisans."
Liberation celebration parade (ddr-densho-201-577)
img Liberation celebration parade (ddr-densho-201-577)
Caption in album: "On 11th of April, 1 year liberation celebration in Carrara."
Soldiers (ddr-densho-201-633)
img Soldiers (ddr-densho-201-633)
Caption in album: "Swiss soldier & Jim at Davos Lake."
View of Mt. Carchio (ddr-densho-201-576)
img View of Mt. Carchio (ddr-densho-201-576)
Caption in album: "Hell broke loose on his mountain at 0550 hr, April 5, 1945 / Mt. Carchio / 442nd Faught on this hill April 5, 1945 / Gothic Line."