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Nisei (second-generation) children attended public schools alongside children of other races, although schools in Nihonmachi (Japantown) neighborhoods were overwhelmingly Japanese ethnically. Since Japanese was usually spoken at home, many Nisei learned to speak English in public school. In Seattle, people fondly remember the Bailey Gatzert elementary school whose white principal remained in touch with her students after they were taken to the camps. The Japanese Americans who would have graduated from high school and college in spring 1942 were removed to camps before they could complete the year and attend commencement.

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[Class picture] (ddr-csujad-56-258)
img [Class picture] (ddr-csujad-56-258)
Kawase children and classmates with their teacher. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: nbea08-03-067
Roosevelt Grade School third grade rhythm band (ddr-densho-62-6)
img Roosevelt Grade School third grade rhythm band (ddr-densho-62-6)
Edith Watanabe is the triangle player in the bottom left corner. She doesn't remember anything about being in that band. Top row, L to R: Herbert Miller, Norman Grimbly, Claude Young, Helen Reed, Willie Sue Young, Billie Stinchey, June Elstead, Elsie Ovenall, Jack Stinchey, Louise Neff, Milton Reed. Middle row, L to R: Helen Lay, Evelyn …
Girls School postcards (ddr-densho-26-247)
img Girls School postcards (ddr-densho-26-247)
Envelope of postcards from different Japanese girls schools
Elementary school class (ddr-densho-34-48)
img Elementary school class (ddr-densho-34-48)
Front row (left to right): Akira Sakuma, unidentified, Masakatsu (Bear) Omoto, unidentified, unidentified, Shig Moritani, and Peter Ohtaki. Second row: Toshio Chihara, unidentified, Toshio Terashita, Masa Chihara, George Terashita, unidentified, unidentified, and unidentified. Third row: unidentified, unidentified, Yae Yamashita, unidentified, unidentified, Elsie Amatatsu, and Michi Yamashita. The teacher is unidentified.
Tacoma, Washington's Central School (ddr-densho-109-87)
img Tacoma, Washington's Central School (ddr-densho-109-87)
At the time this photograph was taken, the school was segregated.
Grade school class photo (ddr-densho-109-3)
img Grade school class photo (ddr-densho-109-3)
Fife Grade School, grades two and three. The teacher is Mrs. Corey.