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Large group at funeral service (ddr-densho-383-371)
img Large group at funeral service (ddr-densho-383-371)
Funeral of Tsunezo Tokuda, father of George Tokuda. Written on back of photograph: "Grandpa Tokuda's funeral".
Funeral attendees around casket (ddr-densho-383-353)
img Funeral attendees around casket (ddr-densho-383-353)
Group standing in front of E.R. Butterworth & Sons Private Crematory. Possibly Kameki Inouye pictured second from left with wife, Toku, at far left.
Grave side photo (ddr-densho-356-4)
img Grave side photo (ddr-densho-356-4)
Photograph of Domoto family at the family grave site. Teru Domoto visible standing to the left of the large grave stone. Donor note suggests the funeral is presumably for Teru and Kanetero Domoto's youngest daughter Masako Domoto who died in 1918. However, based on the fashion and ages of the children in the photograph it is …
Memorial (ddr-densho-356-34)
img Memorial (ddr-densho-356-34)
Photograph of memorial for Tomojiro Tsukada in Japan. Inscribed on back "Taken a few days after Father passed away 212 Kagomachi, Koishikawaku, Tokyo December 1940."
Funeral of Heikichi Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-691)
img Funeral of Heikichi Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-691)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Funeral of Heikichi Yoshioka (Father by adoption of Tadaichi Yoshioka)."
Issei funeral (ddr-densho-38-15)
img Issei funeral (ddr-densho-38-15)
This funeral service for Tsukasa Iseri was held at the Japanese Buddhist Mission in Kent, Washington, which is part of the White River Valley.
Teruo Fukazawa Grave (ddr-one-1-630)
img Teruo Fukazawa Grave (ddr-one-1-630)
Black and white photographic negative of Teruo Fukazawa's grave. The tombstone's inscription reads "Teruo Fukazawa/May 25, 1915/Dec 8, 1933."
Heitaro Kuroda Grave (ddr-one-1-631)
img Heitaro Kuroda Grave (ddr-one-1-631)
Black and white photographic negative of Heitaro Kuroda's grave. The tombstone's inscription reads "Heitaro Kuroda/Feb 27, 1877/Oct 16, 1950".
Funeral (ddr-densho-474-36)
img Funeral (ddr-densho-474-36)
Group of 19 mourners with funerary flower arrangement
Funeral (ddr-densho-474-35)
img Funeral (ddr-densho-474-35)
Group photo with funerary flower arrangement in foreground
Short story:
doc Short story: "The outcast" / "The alien within" (ddr-densho-468-68)
Four typed drafts. First draft describes a Japanese American girl in the mid-20th century. Second, third, and fourth drafts describe incarceration. The story's name changes from "The outcast" to "The alien within" between drafts 2 and 3. Final draft has perspective shift from third-person narrator to first-person.
Funeral procession standing next to hearse outside undertakers (ddr-ajah-4-4)
img Funeral procession standing next to hearse outside undertakers (ddr-ajah-4-4)
Caption below photo: Funeral procession for an unknown Japanese at James Fowler, undertake. Fowler began his business in October 1895 at 1522 Park Street, Alameda, CA