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Group photograph at a funeral (ddr-densho-395-58)
img Group photograph at a funeral (ddr-densho-395-58)
Group photograph at a funeral; accompanying materials indicate the funeral was held at the Nippon Kan Theatre but setting may be a Christian church. Seiso Bitow is on the fourth row, near the center.
Funeral portrait (ddr-densho-326-45)
img Funeral portrait (ddr-densho-326-45)
Caption on reverse: "Behind lady with white hat (below)"
Saluting the caskets (ddr-densho-348-30)
img Saluting the caskets (ddr-densho-348-30)
Soldiers and funeral attendees face and salute four caskets. Soldiers in the foreground face away from the camera.
Five caskets at funeral (ddr-densho-348-33)
img Five caskets at funeral (ddr-densho-348-33)
Five caskets draped in American flags lay before an audience of funeral attendees. Dated June 19, 1948
Speakers on stage at funeral (ddr-densho-348-28)
img Speakers on stage at funeral (ddr-densho-348-28)
Ten men stand on stage at a funeral in front of an audience. The ceremony takes place next to a tall monument to the left of the photo. Dated May 30, 1949, the photograph was taken by Amano. Information on the back of the photo states that the photo was taken by Amano Photo Studios located …
Four caskets (ddr-densho-348-29)
img Four caskets (ddr-densho-348-29)
Four caskets decorated with flowers are surrounded by a large crowd of funeral attendees.
Funeral of Yaino Sumi (ddr-densho-399-39)
img Funeral of Yaino Sumi (ddr-densho-399-39)
"Funeral of Yaino Sumi 5/8/1941 / Future Tanforan/Topaz internees pictured in front of casket / Her grandson Yuichi "Lou" Sumi standing beside her son, Yuji Sumi"
Uhachi Tamesa obituary (ddr-densho-333-40)
doc Uhachi Tamesa obituary (ddr-densho-333-40)
Copy of newspaper clipping with Uhachi Tamesa's obituary
Funeral of Mrs. L. V. Ward (ddr-densho-353-189)
img Funeral of Mrs. L. V. Ward (ddr-densho-353-189)
The funeral took place at the Lakeview Cemetery. A note in the album states that she was a "staunch friend of Japanese."
A Buddhist memorial service (ddr-densho-353-342)
img A Buddhist memorial service (ddr-densho-353-342)
Captioned: "A memorial service before a Buddhist altar with a Christian Minister attending."