Sports leagues were important institutions for Japanese Americans growing up on the West Coast. Both boys and girls played basketball, baseball and other sports. The traditional Japanese martial arts of judo and kendo were practiced as well. Baseball became the primary sport for young Japanese Americans who were often prohibited from playing in the white leagues. The highly competitive games in the all-Japanese American leagues built pride and a sense of community.

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Donut Boxes
img Donut Boxes "Washed" Out (ddr-jamsj-1-316)
Assembly meeting for Perch Derby at Rio Del Mar.
Shut Up, You Guys (ddr-jamsj-1-312)
img Shut Up, You Guys (ddr-jamsj-1-312)
Assembly meeting for Perch Derby at Rio Del Mar.
Something's Cooking (ddr-jamsj-1-313)
img Something's Cooking (ddr-jamsj-1-313)
Assembly meeting for Perch Derby at Rio Del Mar.
Man with pole vault pole (ddr-ajah-3-339)
img Man with pole vault pole (ddr-ajah-3-339)
Caption below photo: Buddhist Temple of Alameda, CA., Templars pole vaulter, location unknown. The Templars were an early sports team from the temple. Circa 1910-1030s
Man in track uniform (ddr-ajah-6-61)
img Man in track uniform (ddr-ajah-6-61)
Caption below photo: Non Iwahashi - Buddhist Temple of Alameda, CA / YMBA Juniors track and field. Photo framed in heart