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Recreational activities

Japanese American communities organized group social activities such as family picnics and outings to the beach or to parks when the demands of work allowed. These activities gave hardworking families the chance to spend leisure time with their friends and neighbors.

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Recreational activities (643)


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Family on the beach (ddr-densho-113-1)
img Family on the beach (ddr-densho-113-1)
(L to R): Sachiko Nakai, Nobue Nakai, Mr. Nakai, Junko Nakai, Takashi Nakai, Mrs. Nakai.
Sun Rise Pool Hall (ddr-densho-113-10)
img Sun Rise Pool Hall (ddr-densho-113-10)
This pool hall was owned and managed by Masato Uyeda (left). Masato immigrated to the US in 1912 and worked in the coal mines and on the railroad before opening this pool hall.
Issei on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-124-9)
img Issei on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-124-9)
Two Issei men near Gibraltar Rock on Mt. Rainier.
Hiking on Mt. Baker (ddr-densho-124-26)
img Hiking on Mt. Baker (ddr-densho-124-26)
These Issei are carving their names into a tree on Mt. Baker.
Hiking on Mt. Hood (ddr-densho-124-22)
img Hiking on Mt. Hood (ddr-densho-124-22)
Raisuke Tamura (right) stands near a crevasse on Mt. Hood with the reknowned Japanese alpinist and writer Kojima Usui.
Hiking on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-124-4)
img Hiking on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-124-4)
Two Issei stand at Paradise Valley on Mt. Rainier. (L to R): unidentified, Raisuke Tamura.
Issei at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-21)
img Issei at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-21)
(L to R): Kato, Tanaka, unidentified, unidentified, Yamaguchi, Tamura, Ueoka (or Kamioka), unidentified, Fujiwara, unidentified, unidentified, Suzuki, unidentified, unidentified, Tamura, Henry, Imamura, Hayashida, Hino.
Issei friends at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-12)
img Issei friends at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-12)
These Issei are having a picnic at Alki Point in Seattle. (L to R): Mrs. Yamaguchi, Kamioka (or Ueoka), Yamaguchi, Suzuki, Yamada, Tamura.
Issei at pool hall (ddr-densho-124-19)
img Issei at pool hall (ddr-densho-124-19)
(L to R): Nakazato, unidentified, Tamura, Tanaka, unidentified, Hino, Yamashita, Hayashida.
Tsutakawa Company camping trip (ddr-densho-128-115)
img Tsutakawa Company camping trip (ddr-densho-128-115)
Front row (L to R): Marion Tsutakawa, Frank Kubo, Jim Tsutakawa, J.K. Saoka, George Tsutakawa, Mr. Baba, J. Shima. Second row (L to R): Bob, Mrs. Tsutakawa, Dick, Mr. Y. Shimada. Front row (L to R): Thomas, Mr. Y. Omi (?), Kumako.
Lotus group camping trip (ddr-densho-128-4)
img Lotus group camping trip (ddr-densho-128-4)
Lotus group members on camping trip at North Beach in Seattle. Lotus was an association of young members of Seattle's Buddhist Church.
Housewarming and farewell party (ddr-densho-128-101)
img Housewarming and farewell party (ddr-densho-128-101)
Original caption: Housewarming and farewell party for Miss Rose Hamada at Mr. and Mrs. Harada's new home.