Recreational activities

Japanese American communities organized group social activities such as family picnics and outings to the beach or to parks when the demands of work allowed. These activities gave hardworking families the chance to spend leisure time with their friends and neighbors.

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Hiking on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-124-4)
img Hiking on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-124-4)
Two Issei stand at Paradise Valley on Mt. Rainier. (L to R): unidentified, Raisuke Tamura.
Hiking on Mt. Baker (ddr-densho-124-26)
img Hiking on Mt. Baker (ddr-densho-124-26)
These Issei are carving their names into a tree on Mt. Baker.
Issei friends at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-12)
img Issei friends at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-12)
These Issei are having a picnic at Alki Point in Seattle. (L to R): Mrs. Yamaguchi, Kamioka (or Ueoka), Yamaguchi, Suzuki, Yamada, Tamura.
Issei at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-21)
img Issei at a picnic (ddr-densho-124-21)
(L to R): Kato, Tanaka, unidentified, unidentified, Yamaguchi, Tamura, Ueoka (or Kamioka), unidentified, Fujiwara, unidentified, unidentified, Suzuki, unidentified, unidentified, Tamura, Henry, Imamura, Hayashida, Hino.
Issei at pool hall (ddr-densho-124-19)
img Issei at pool hall (ddr-densho-124-19)
(L to R): Nakazato, unidentified, Tamura, Tanaka, unidentified, Hino, Yamashita, Hayashida.
Tsutakawa Company camping trip (ddr-densho-128-115)
img Tsutakawa Company camping trip (ddr-densho-128-115)
Front row (L to R): Marion Tsutakawa, Frank Kubo, Jim Tsutakawa, J.K. Saoka, George Tsutakawa, Mr. Baba, J. Shima. Second row (L to R): Bob, Mrs. Tsutakawa, Dick, Mr. Y. Shimada. Front row (L to R): Thomas, Mr. Y. Omi (?), Kumako.
Lotus group camping trip (ddr-densho-128-4)
img Lotus group camping trip (ddr-densho-128-4)
Lotus group members on camping trip at North Beach in Seattle. Lotus was an association of young members of Seattle's Buddhist Church.
Housewarming and farewell party (ddr-densho-128-101)
img Housewarming and farewell party (ddr-densho-128-101)
Original caption: Housewarming and farewell party for Miss Rose Hamada at Mr. and Mrs. Harada's new home.
Picnic at Rolling Beach (ddr-densho-134-23)
img Picnic at Rolling Beach (ddr-densho-134-23)
The Green Lake Association brought the Japanese American community together for frequent social gatherings.
Nisei children at beach (ddr-densho-134-11)
img Nisei children at beach (ddr-densho-134-11)
Japanese Americans living in North Seattle often took trips to nearby Rolling Beach-Carkeek Park and North Beach.
Beach party (ddr-densho-134-6)
img Beach party (ddr-densho-134-6)
Students of Lincoln High School on an outing to Richmond Beach in Seattle, Washington. Panel one (L to R): Roy Tanagi, Nobi Sasaki. Panel two (L to R): Ken Tanaka, Hiroshi Yahagi. Panel three (L to R): Yoshino Kano, Alice Ota, Mariko Kumasaka.
Group outing at Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-136-22)
img Group outing at Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-136-22)
The Young People's Club, or Seinenkai, brought together people in their twenties from North Seattle for social, cultural, and recreational activities, such as this one to Mt. Rainier. (L to R): Kiyoshi Tada, Alice Funai, Tak Nakawatase, Lily Yasui, Ko Abe, Mich Shimomura, Tadashi Kumagai, Stamy Kumagai, Hiroshi Yahagi, Kaz Tada.
Group gathering at the beach (ddr-densho-136-7)
img Group gathering at the beach (ddr-densho-136-7)
Back row (L to R): Chuck Kambe, Henry Shimizu, Teruo Tada, Aya Tanagi, Satoko Abe, Toshiko Fukano, George Fukano. Front row (L to R): Kaun Abe, Nobuo Tanagi, Mae Shimizu, George Tanagi, Sayo Tanagi, Ko Abe, Mac Sasaki.
Dye works picnic (ddr-densho-135-1)
img Dye works picnic (ddr-densho-135-1)
Dye works shop owners gather for a picnic, a common social activity for families in the business. (L to R): Yae Kumakura, Gonnojo Tamura, Yasuye Shimizu, Suma Tamura.
Women in front of roller coaster (ddr-densho-136-25)
img Women in front of roller coaster (ddr-densho-136-25)
Nisei friends standing in front of the "Big Dipper" Rollercoaster at the Playland Amusement Park, located in the Bitter Lake neighborhood at North 132nd and Aurora Avenue. Many Green Lake Japanese Association and Seinenkai (Young People's Club) activities were held there in addition to Seattle's Japan Day celebrations. (L to R): Ruth Nishino, Yuri Takahashi, Rosemary …