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    "title": "\"Voluntary evacuation\"",
    "description": "For a three-week period during World War II, after Japanese Americans had been excluded from the West Coast but before plans for concentration camps had been finalized, a period of \"voluntary evacuation\" took place. Government officials hoped that the Japanese Americans barred from keeping their homes on the West Coast would make arrangements to move inland on their own, saving valuable military resources. However, state government officials and residents of neighboring states reacted with outrage that Japanese Americans were being encouraged to move there. Most Japanese Americans feared moving into such hostile territory where they would know no one. Further, few Japanese Americans had the resources to move their families to a new place. In total, 4,889 Japanese Americans left the West Coast \"voluntarily\" and moved to the interior of the U.S. during that period.",
    "path": "World War II -- Non-incarcerated Japanese Americans -- \"Voluntary evacuation\"",
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