Hostel, Japanese language school

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Tsuji Collection

These children are on the front steps of the Japanese language school. The school housed many Japanese Americans immediately after the incarceration. Front row (left to right): Nancy Tada and Susumu Ohashi holding Kiyomi Ohashi. Second row: Ronnie Tada, Takashi Aoki, Yoshiko Tokita, Yasuo Tokita, and Yuzo Tokita. Third row: Janet Tada, Setsuko Kojima, Peggy Ohashi, Louise Takahara, and Bobby Tada. Fourth row: Aiko Kobayashi, Toy Tada, Reiko Kobayashi, and Arthur Takahara. Fifth row: Franklin Hiyodo and Shuzo Takeuchi.


Still Image

  • Tada, Nancy
  • Ohashi, Susumu
  • Ohashi, Kiyomi
  • Tada, Ronnie
  • Aoki, Takashi
  • Tokita, Yoshiko
  • Tokita, Yasuo
  • Tokita, Yuzo
  • Tada, Janet
  • Kojima, Setsuko
  • Ohashi, Peggy
  • Takahara, Louise
  • Tada, Bobby
  • Kobayashi, Aiko
  • Tada, Toy
  • Kobayashi, Reiko
  • Takahara, Arthur
  • Hiyodo, Franklin
  • Takeuchi, Shuzo


Courtesy of the Tsuji Family Collection

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted