Church-run schools [35]

Buddhist and Catholic churches ran nursery schools attended by Japanese American children, as did neighborhood Protestant churches. In Seattle, the Maryknoll Catholic school was a prominent institution in the community.

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Girls group performance (ddr-densho-128-135)
img Girls group performance (ddr-densho-128-135)
This performance took place at the Maryknoll School. Back row, center is Yasuko Kubo.
Sunday School class (ddr-densho-106-9)
img Sunday School class (ddr-densho-106-9)
Betty Morita Shibayama is in the back row, sixth from the right.
Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
img Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
This Sunday school was started by three missionaries from the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church in the early 1920s. Back row (L to R): Miss Rumsey, Naoshi Kumagai, Kay Suzuki, Tadashi Kumagai, unidentified, Akira Kumasaka. Middle row (L to R): Tak Nakawatase, unidentified, unidentified, May Kumasaka, Kimi Taguchi, Ko Suzuki, unidentified. Front row (L to R): Sam ...
The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 80 (October 31, 1947) (ddr-densho-229-67)
doc The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 80 (October 31, 1947) (ddr-densho-229-67)
"End Race Ban Now : Truman Committee" (p. 1), "Free Baby Clinic Opens Nov. 6" (p. 1).
Aya Uenishi Medrud Interview Segment 4 (ddr-densho-1000-213-4)
vh Aya Uenishi Medrud Interview Segment 4 (ddr-densho-1000-213-4)
Transferring to a Catholic elementary school, being given the name Mariagnes
Michiko Frances Chikahisa Interview Segment 12 (ddr-densho-1000-347-12)
vh Michiko Frances Chikahisa Interview Segment 12 (ddr-densho-1000-347-12)
Japanese as primary childhood language

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Sunday School (ddr-one-1-92)
img Sunday School (ddr-one-1-92)
Black and white photographic negative of Sunday School class. Students work on coloring project with adult teachers, image of Buddha hangs on wall. Class not taught at the Oregon Buddhist Church, exact location is unknown.