Church-run schools

Buddhist and Catholic churches ran nursery schools attended by Japanese American children, as did neighborhood Protestant churches. In Seattle, the Maryknoll Catholic school was a prominent institution in the community.

Church-run schools (69)

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Girls group performance (ddr-densho-128-135)
img Girls group performance (ddr-densho-128-135)
This performance took place at the Maryknoll School. Back row, center is Yasuko Kubo.
Nun and children outside of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-27)
img Nun and children outside of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-27)
Image is of a photograph in a photo album. Caption bellow photo says: First Grade Se. Homes Marie
The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 80 (October 31, 1947) (ddr-densho-229-67)
doc The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 80 (October 31, 1947) (ddr-densho-229-67)
"End Race Ban Now : Truman Committee" (p. 1), "Free Baby Clinic Opens Nov. 6" (p. 1).
Sunday School (ddr-one-1-629)
img Sunday School (ddr-one-1-629)
Black and white photographic negative of a Sunday school class leaning around a table looking at the teacher standing at the head of the table. Image of Buddha hangs on the wall, not at Oregon Buddhist Church.
Sunday School class (ddr-densho-106-9)
img Sunday School class (ddr-densho-106-9)
Betty Morita Shibayama is in the back row, sixth from the right.
Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
img Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
This Sunday school was started by three missionaries from the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church in the early 1920s. Back row (L to R): Miss Rumsey, Naoshi Kumagai, Kay Suzuki, Tadashi Kumagai, unidentified, Akira Kumasaka. Middle row (L to R): Tak Nakawatase, unidentified, unidentified, May Kumasaka, Kimi Taguchi, Ko Suzuki, unidentified. Front row (L to R): Sam ...