Church-run schools

Buddhist and Catholic churches ran nursery schools attended by Japanese American children, as did neighborhood Protestant churches. In Seattle, the Maryknoll Catholic school was a prominent institution in the community.

Church-run schools (79)

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Nihonmachi Jackson Street (ddr-densho-353-73)
img Nihonmachi Jackson Street (ddr-densho-353-73)
Jackson Street, looking east from 5th Street. Note on back indicates Japanese stores in left foreground, and the Academy of Holy Names in background, built 1880. The photo was taken before the Jackson St. regrade of 1907-1909.
Japanese American school class photograph (ddr-densho-26-99)
img Japanese American school class photograph (ddr-densho-26-99)
Nursery and kindergarten Sunday School classes from Blaine Memorial Methodist Church. On the back of the photograph is a stamp "Takano Studio, Main 8186, 668 Jackson St., Seattle Wash."
Children outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-55)
img Children outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-55)
Image is of a photograph in a photo album. Caption bellow photo says: Maryknoll Kindergarten
Nuns outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-102)
img Nuns outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-102)
Caption on Slide says: 1923 Sept Sisters to China 3rd Departure Group