Church-run schools

Buddhist and Catholic churches ran nursery schools attended by Japanese American children, as did neighborhood Protestant churches. In Seattle, the Maryknoll Catholic school was a prominent institution in the community.

Church-run schools (69)

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Children outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-55)
img Children outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-55)
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Nuns outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-102)
img Nuns outside Maryknoll (ddr-densho-330-102)
Caption on Slide says: 1923 Sept Sisters to China 3rd Departure Group
Exterior of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-109)
img Exterior of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-109)
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