Community publications

The Japanese American press provided a vital sense of community. Numerous newspapers were published in cities and towns up and down the West Coast. Seattle alone boasted two Japanese-language dailies and an English-language weekly for the community. The Japanese American Courier, which appeared in Seattle in 1928, was the first English-language Japanese American newspaper in the nation.

Community publications (84)

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84 items
doc "League Presents Evacuation Plan" (ddr-densho-96-20)
Full headline: "League Presents Evacuation Plan. National Secretary Before Solons With Ideas About Dealing With Aliens."
doc "Young Americans in City Schools Resign Positions" (ddr-densho-96-23)
Full headline: "Young Americans in City Schools Resign Positions. Large Group Educated Here Hope to Build Up Unity By Their Example. Praise From Fleming."
1965 Style! New Method (ddr-jamsj-1-325)
img 1965 Style! New Method (ddr-jamsj-1-325)
Newspaper staff for San Jose Landscape Gardeners Association.
Inspector (ddr-jamsj-1-321)
img Inspector (ddr-jamsj-1-321)
Newspaper staff for San Jose Landscape Gardeners Association.
Newspaper clipping
doc Newspaper clipping "Tanforan Assembly Center Plaque Dedication" (ddr-janm-4-43)
Newspaper clipping titled "Tanforan Assembly Center Plaque Dedication". The article was written by J.K. Yamamoto on September 25, 1991 for the Hokubei Mainichi newspaper.
doc "Certificates Can Identify Members" (ddr-densho-96-19)
Full headline: "Certificates Can Identify Members. National JACL Officers Devise Plan For Protection Of All; Should Act Soon; Chapters To Conduct Program. May Renounce Dual Citizenship."
doc "War Places Second Generation in Lead Once Taken By Elders" (ddr-densho-96-9)
Full headline: "War Places Second Generation in Lead Once Taken By Elders. Young Americans Of Japanese Ancestry Must Prove Their Right to Claim Protection of Nation; Should Join With Other Citizens. Resources At Hand to Help Solve Riddle"