Community publications

The Japanese American press provided a vital sense of community. Numerous newspapers were published in cities and towns up and down the West Coast. Seattle alone boasted two Japanese-language dailies and an English-language weekly for the community. The Japanese American Courier, which appeared in Seattle in 1928, was the first English-language Japanese American newspaper in the nation.

Community publications (90)

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90 items
doc "Community Renews Loyal Pledge at Rousing Americanism Rally" (ddr-densho-96-8)
Full headline: "Community Renews Loyal Pledge at Rousing Americanism Rally. Greatest Display Of Patriotism Ever Manifest Here Shown At Gathering; Mayor Millikin Expresses His Confidence, But Warns Of Danger. Young Leaders Vow to Scotch Subversion"
doc "Federal Officials Send JACL Praise" (ddr-densho-96-5)
Full headline: "Federal Officials Send JACL Praise. State, Navy And Justice Departments Are Appreciative Of Messages Of Assurances Sent By Headquarters. Wire Pledge Given to Roosevelt"
Newspaper Addicts (ddr-jamsj-1-319)
img Newspaper Addicts (ddr-jamsj-1-319)
Newspaper staff for San Jose Landscape Gardeners Association.
Folding and Stapling Paper (ddr-jamsj-1-10)
img Folding and Stapling Paper (ddr-jamsj-1-10)
Group working on the printing the association's publication.
Newspaper Staff at Work (ddr-jamsj-1-232)
img Newspaper Staff at Work (ddr-jamsj-1-232)
SJLGA members working on their association's newspaper.
Newspaper clipping
doc Newspaper clipping "Tanforan, 1942" (ddr-janm-4-42)
Newspaper clipping titled "Tanforan, 1942". The article was written by Soji Kashiwagi on December 17, 1984.
Years of Infamy author gets honorary degree (ddr-csujad-24-95)
doc Years of Infamy author gets honorary degree (ddr-csujad-24-95)
A article published in the Japanese American newspaper "Hokubei Mainichi"about Michi Weglyn receiving an honorary doctoral degree from Mount Holyoke College. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: chi_07_012